fo•cus (foh-kuhs) n. a central point, as of attraction, attention, or activity

The Trust intends to use both place-based and issue-based lenses to focus our work in Forsyth County and across the state.

Place-Based Focus

The Trust has always been proud of its geographic focus and has decided to go even deeper with our geographic lens. With over 60 years committed to place-based work in Forsyth County, the Poor and Needy Division is fully prepared to continue its commitment to this community. The Health Care Division will further concentrate its efforts in the most rural counties, identified through a combination of health, economic and social resources. We have begun by identifying communities that host a combination of economic needs and well-developed assets.

Issue-Based Focus

Beyond our geographic focus, the Trust continually works to clarify and strengthen the content areas it will fund. Our funding strategy will be defined by concentrating half of each division’s grant funds toward their cornerstone efforts—Healthy Places NC for the Health Care Division, and Great Expectations for the Poor and Needy Division.

Most of the remaining dollars will be used to respond to proposals that address the Trust’s core funding areas where we believe we have the ability to stimulate meaningful impact. These issues (four in the Poor and Needy Division and four in the Health Care Division, in conjunction with our cornerstone efforts—Healthy Places NC and Great Expectations—will allow us to concentrate our resources (grant dollars, staff time and influence) where we believe the Trust and its partners can make significant progress.