Local Impact in Forsyth County Grantseekers

Local Impact in Forsyth County program area Funding Announcement

June 2017

We are pleased to announce our grants process for the August 8, 2017, grant application deadline. The Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust is committed to improving the quality of life and health of Forsyth County residents, and we are seeking grant applications that aim to serve under resourced residents in Forsyth County.

The Trust recognizes that to make an enduring difference in the health and well-being of local residents we need to improve the systems that create thriving communities. To that end, we will prioritize projects that, in concert with our issue areas, involve community members in the process, engage unlikely partners in the conversation, and apply an equity lens to the overall work.

Funding in Core Issue Areas

The Trust is interested in grant applications in the Forsyth County program area’s core issues, which are detailed below, that aim to improve Forsyth County residents’ health and quality of life.

Community Assets

  • Community Assets: Efforts to improve community assets will be locally-sparked and must include multiple stakeholders with aspects that may include: food access, land use, mixed-use housing, playgrounds/ open spaces, safety, and transportation. 


  • Middle School Success: Efforts in middle school years to help students achieve academic success and to prepare them for high school graduation and beyond.
  • Post-secondary Completion: Programs and activities that enable individuals of all ages to seek post-secondary opportunities and that further support students already enrolled to successfully complete their courses of study. Post-secondary programs include community college, trade school, professional certification and licensure, apprenticeships, and four-year programs.

Health Care

  • Behavioral Health: Programs and activities that provide prevention, treatment, and recovery support in the fields of mental health and substance abuse. This includes integration with primary medical care.
  • Oral Health: Programs and activities that provide access to appropriate preventative and restorative dental health care.

Safety Net

  • Emergency Assistance: Priority will be given to proposals that provide assistance as a part of a coordinated community response and that are connected to a comprehensive system of services to prevent future crises.
  • Supportive Housing: Efforts to provide affordable housing for people who have experienced or are at-risk of experiencing homelessness that are combined with flexible, comprehensive services such as job training, substance abuse programs, and case management. These services address the reasons for housing loss and help people to live more stable, healthy lives.

Great Expectations

Great Expectations works to ensure all children living in Forsyth County enter kindergarten ready to learn and leave set for success in school and life. We pledged to invest between $30 to $40 million dollars over 10 to 15 years and partner with a wide array of organizations and practitioners in an aligned fashion.

Earlier this year we held an open call for Great Expectations applications and released detailed information about our funding priorities for 2017. Based on our ongoing work and what we continue to learn from local families and early childhood organizations, the Trust is focused on these same Great Expectations funding priorities for the August 2017 grant cycle.

We will accept grant proposals in the following areas:

  • Early Intervention and Health
  • Access to Quality Childcare

As a reminder, the Trust will give additional attention to proposals that address practices and principles that we believe are required for deep results in Forsyth County, including:

  • System wide accountability and alignment
  • Leveraging momentum toward scale
  • Coordinated communications
  • Strengthening work with and on behalf of Latino families
  • Family engagement

Please download the detailed Great Expectations funding priorities for additional information on what we believe is needed in Forsyth County to help all children and our community thrive.

Information about our current Great Expectations projects and grantees can be found on the Great Expectations website.

Capital Funding

The Trust will consider a limited number of capital requests (up to $350,000 per request) in our four core Issue Areas that tie to enhancing the quality of life for underserved residents in Forsyth County. The application must describe how the request to the Trust is critical for the implementation of the project and fits squarely within our funding interests.

Contact the Trust to Assess Funding Eligibility

To engage in an initial conversation about proposals for the August 2017 cycle, we ask all interested parties to contact our Program Coordinator Alison Elster at alison@kbr.org or by phone at 336-397-5521. Depending on fit with our issues, interests and strategies, we may then schedule an appointment for a formal advance consultation with you.

Please call as early as possible in the cycle to discuss whether or not your issue is a fit. We request that you call to discuss your idea and schedule an advance consultation well before July 31, 2017.

The grant application deadline is August 8, 2017, at 5:00 pm.