Poor and Needy Division

Through the Poor and Needy Division, the Trust responds to basic life needs and invests in solutions that improve the quality of life for the financially needy residents of Forsyth County.

The Poor and Needy Division intends to seek impact by:

  • Focusing our work on issues and in communities in Forsyth County where our contributions can support meaningful change,
  • Investing resources other than our dollars to create impact, and
  • Committing to learning both internally and along with our partners.

Specifically, our intent is to invest up to half of our resources by 2022 in Great Expectations, the Trust’s long-term initiative to prepare Forsyth County’s youngest children for a lifetime of success. The majority of the remaining half of our portfolio will be concentrated within four issues, which include work where we believe we can see real positive change over the next 10 years.

Community Assets

  • Community Assets


  • Middle School Success
  • Post-Secondary Completion

Health Care

  • Behavioral Health
  • Oral Health

Safety Net

  • Emergency Assistance
  • Supportive Housing

While we will still be a responsive grantmaker and will help where innovative and practical solutions present themselves, our commitment to focus and learning should lead to deeper and longer-term change over time.