Rockingham County

Known as “North Carolina’s North Star,” Rockingham County borders Virginia and is home to more than 90,000 people.

The Trust is not new to Rockingham County. We have spent a great deal of time working with the community around health care issues, and it is because of the work underway that the Trust invited Rockingham County to participate in Healthy Places NC.

Despite challenges facing the area, in 2010 leaders and residents started thinking differently about the health care system, specifically for low-income and uninsured residents. Rockingham County also kicked off some exciting projects that began to move the conversation from treating individual illness to making the entire community healthier.

For example, the Rockingham County Public Schools transformed the physical education program to encourage better fitness among students by launching GARDEN (Greater Adherence and Responsibility for Daily Exercise and Nutrition). The Rockingham County Business & Technology Center continues to work on providing access to healthy, local food, and the Rockingham County Partnership for Children is addressing issues faced by economically disadvantaged, first-time moms.

The Trust is excited to build on the momentum around health care in Rockingham County. We’re looking forward to engaging unlikely partners and talking about why health is more than just health care.

Do you live in Rockingham County? We want to know what you think is good about living, learning and working there. Send Program Officer Aidil Altagracia Ortiz a note or give her a call at 336-397-5516.