Step 2) Consult

  1. Step 1) Access Eligibility
  2. Step 2) Consult
  3. Step 3) Apply

All potential applicants should read the Health Care Division Guidelines and other resources for the Division to which you are applying before pursuing an advance consultation. Advance consultations must be scheduled and take place two to eight weeks prior to the application deadline. Guidelines, Application Tips and Attachment Instructions are available year-round on our Application Documents page.

Then, follow these steps:

  • Review the most recent funding announcement
  • Prospective applicants should contact the Program Coordinator to:
    • Complete preliminary discussion of the proposed project. If it fits within the Trust's current funding interests,
    • Schedule an advance consultation
      • No summary or budget is required
  • If you need directions to our office, click here

Schedule an Advance Consultation

Before applying for a grant, applicants must schedule an advance consultation with the Trust.

Prospective Health Care Division applicants (statewide), should contact our Program Coordinator for the Health Care Division, by email or at 866-551-0690

At the Advance Consultation Meeting:

  • Discuss your ideas and/or prospective application's match with the Trust's issues and funding interests 
  • Discuss how your proposed ideas will drive results and create lasting impact, specific to your target population
  • Program officers provide feedback, which provides you with an opportunity to follow-up on recommendations to strengthen your application.

Step 3 details the actual application submission process.