Stories of Impact

To alleviate the symptoms of poverty without addressing the root causes and institutionalized patterns that reinforce the cycle of poverty is a momentary benevolence. Intentions may be kind-hearted and short-term results may inspire, but unless efforts focus on long-term sustainable change, what is gained one day is often lost the next. 

The Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust has been evolving from a traditional grantmaker to an influential change-maker since 2008. This strategic repositioning of how we fund organizations comes from more than 65 years of experience, discovery, and learning. We are forever expanding our knowledge and abilities in order to meet more fully Mrs. Reynolds’ expectations of what her Trust should be and do. Today, our accomplishments absolutely dig deeper into the communities where we focus our efforts, improving the overall life and health of North Carolina’s disadvantaged individuals and families.

The following stories illustrate the power of investing in impact. Whether it’s an innovative way of tackling entrenched rural health challenges or an evidence-based approach to help new moms, the organizations and work profiled here are committed to delivering real and replicable outcomes, not just isolated actions of goodwill. With this organizational mindset, and by facilitating better interactions and collaborations, the Trust will continue to make positive and lasting changes in Forsyth County and across the state.