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NC Task Force Offers Prescription for Improving Rural Health Care

The 2.2 million people who live in the state’s 60 rural counties are more likely to be sick and to lead shorter lives than their urban counterparts, but the health gap can be narrowed by focusing on seemingly unrelated issues, according to the final report released Monday, August 18, 2014 from a statewide task force on improving rural health.

State and Local Leaders, Rural Residents Partner to Create First Comprehensive Rural Health Action Plan

One in five North Carolinians, almost 2.2 million people, live in 60 rural counties. Rural North Carolina has a rich cultural and industrial heritage, people who are self-reliant and innovative, and a strong sense of community. But people from rural communities are less likely to have access to health services, are more likely to engage in risky health behaviors and have a higher mortality rate on average than North Carolinians living in non-rural areas.