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Study: Medicaid Expansion Would be Boon for Local Economy

A new study shows that the Tri-County region would receive substantial economic benefits if the state expanded Medicaid. That is in addition to the health benefits to the many individuals in the area who lack insurance coverage. Vance County could gain 168 jobs; Granville County, 157; and Warren County, 24. David Irvine, The Daily Dispatch, December 20, 2014

All The Reasons NC Must Say Yes to Medicaid Expansion

One of the best policy decisions North Carolina can make in 2015 is to expand Medicaid coverage. The foolishness of refusing to do so already is confirmed by the release of a detailed new study funded in part by the Cone Health Foundation.

The report is written by researchers from George Washington University. The startling findings should prompt a call to action in Raleigh.

Report: NC Medicaid Expansion Would Create Thousands Of Jobs

Expanding the federal Medicaid program in North Carolina would create 43,314 jobs in the state by 2020, including about 12,000 jobs in the Triangle, according to a study issued Thursday.

The study was conducted by researchers at the George Washington University and funded by the Cone Health Foundation in Greensboro and the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust in Winston-Salem.

Could Medicaid Expansion in N.C. Offer a $22B Economic Boost and Produce 43K Jobs? Researchers Think So

In Wake County alone, the research shows that losses by not expanding Medicaid mean 5,700 fewer jobs and $833 million in lost county business activity. In Durham County, there would be 5,000 fewer jobs by 2020 without an expansion. Jason deBruyn and Owen Covington, Triangle Business Journal, December 18, 2014