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Trust Announces More than $3.5 Million to Continue Expanding Behavioral Health Services in Rural NC

The Trust announced grants of more than $3.5 million to continue expanding behavioral health services in rural North Carolina.

“Many rural communities have few to no options for mental health and substance abuse treatment,” said Allen Smart, vice president of programs of the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust. “We know mental health is a key component of overall health, so we are continuing to support organizations and programs that can bring critical behavioral health services to rural residents.”

New Community Centered Prevention Funding Interests

Since 2012, the Trust has invested millions in our broadly-defined Community Centered Prevention issue area. In order to have a greater impact, we have refined our focus to three primary funding interests: Comprehensive Prevention in a Community Setting, Opportunities for Physical Activity and Access to Healthy Foods. Please download the documents below to learn more about what we are interested in funding in these specific areas.

Trust President Karen McNeil-Miller to Join Colorado Health Foundation as CEO

Karen McNeil-Miller, president of the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust, today announced plans to join the Colorado Health Foundation as President & CEO.  Under her 11-year leadership, the Trust evolved into a strategic, impact-driven foundation with a national presence on issues ranging from rural health to access to care. McNeil-Miller will step down in August 2015. Allen Smart, vice president of programs, will serve as interim president while Wells Fargo, sole trustee of the foundation, leads the search for the Trust’s next president.

Poor and Needy Division Kicks Off New Technology Initiative

The Poor and Needy Division of the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust announces a Request for Proposals for the Non-Profit Technology “Reboot” Initiative. The Trust is seeking to further help local organizations increase their technological capabilities to better serve the community and foster collaboration with other organizations in Forsyth county.

Conversations in Leadership: How Can You Impact the Community for Future Generations?

Come join Karen McNeil-Miller, President of the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust, as she discusses legacy, making a real difference that carries forward for future generations.

Which organizations should we support, and in what way, to achieve a bold, focused vision? What leadership will be required to have real impact for North Carolina residents far into the future? Who will lead this effort?


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