Newly Renovated Hive House Puts Emphasis Back on Healthy Community and Living

Bertie County is putting health back on the map by renovating and remastering a community center in a rural part of the county that will provide underserved youth and families with expanded health and recreational opportunities.

NC Community Development Initiative (NCCDI) has received $149,250 in funding from the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust to acquire and renovate a community center in Bertie County, known as the Hive House.

Traditionally, the area in Bertie County has not had the infrastructure to provide resources and health-oriented programs to the youth and the community. The Hive House helps build more resilient families by providing access to afterschool programs, a technology and education center that offers Wi-Fi, a community garden, a food pantry, and a temporary shelter for victims of domestic violence. As part of their health improvement efforts, NCCDI has already joined with the YMCA in Windsor to utilize the community center as a satellite site for the YMCA’s movement program that encourages healthy living among both the youth and their families.

“This project is so important for this community. The Hive House was an old Victorian house that was about to fall down. Before we received funding from the Trust, we didn’t have the means or labor needed to renovate it,” said Vivian Saunders, CEO and founder of the Hive House. “Up until recently, there was no real affordable afterschool programs for the youth and their families. Now, that’s changed.”

With the planned improvements, the NCCDI hopes to reach more than 520 young people each year. The partners hope to serve more than 900 clients each month through the expanded food pantry. Additionally, the renovations will allow for more partnerships to increase recreational opportunities for young people in Bertie County.

“The work being done to renovate the Hive House is so important to Bertie County. It speaks about the importance of collaboration and using innovative methods to reach and inspire community members,” said Trust Program Officer Adam Linker. “We’ll continue to watch the Hive House as is it grows into a place for community members to go, gather, teach and get healthy; it truly is a piece of the county’s legacy, and one that the Trust is proud to support.”