Great Expectations Funding Opportunity

Building Support for Family, Friend, and Neighbor Care - Closed

This funding opportunity is for the Family, Friend, and Neighbor Care Design Team members to develop and implement strategies and programs that build awareness of and support for informal childcare, often provided by family members or friends—in Forsyth County.

Steps to Apply



Ensure informal caregivers have the supports they need to provide developmentally appropriate care for young children, and ensure that the Forsyth County childcare ecosystem is inclusive of informal care.


Support evidence-informed and evidence-based approaches to leverage strengths and build the capacity of informal caregivers to provide developmentally appropriate care.

Support systems change approaches to build awareness about and bring attention to informal care as an important part of the Forsyth County childcare ecosystem.

Timeframe for Applications

The Trust is not currently accepting applications for this funding opportunity.

Geographic Focus

Forsyth County

Next Steps

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Family, friend, and neighbor care (FFN) is a critical component of many families’ support systems—especially families with low incomes. Most families with young children use FFN care, and there has been little attention at the local and state levels to learning about and building capacity of the caregivers that care for many of our youngest children.

For this reason, in 2017, the Trust funded research that surveyed more than 1200 parents and caregivers about FFN care. Research showed that families consider many factors when making childcare arrangements, and that only one third of children 0-5 are enrolled in licensed care. Safety, trust, affordability, convenience, and other factors lead many families to choose or rely on FFN care, and many parents reported a preference for FFN care and happiness with their current childcare arrangements.

In 2018, the Trust convened a Design Team of organizational stakeholders over six months. The Design Team considered the strengths and needs of the families and caregivers involved in FFN care, learned from national best practices, and designed pilot programs and community education and advocacy strategies that will strengthen and support FFN care in Forsyth County.

Opportunity Details

The FFN Design Team recommended three areas of focus for early work to support caregivers and families engaged in FFN care:

  • Community education and advocacy about the value and role of FFN care in a holistic childcare ecosystem
  • Support with licensure for FFN caregivers interested in becoming licensed Family Child Care Homes
  • Programmatic supports like Play and Learn groups, enrichment activities, home visiting, and peer learning to build knowledge and capacity of FFN caregivers

The Trust is interested in receiving collaborative applications from Design Team members to further develop and pilot the programmatic supports and advocacy and education opportunities described above. Programmatic supports will be focused on relationship and skills-building, reducing isolation, elevating community knowledge and wisdom about caregiving, and enriching caregiving environments. While lead agencies must be Design Team members, the applications can include funding for partner organizations that did not participate on the Design Team.

Design Team members include:

  • Child Care Resource Center
  • The Forsyth Promise
  • Urban League
  • Latino Community Services (formerly El Buen Pastor)
  • Hispanic League
  • Imprints Cares
  • Neighbors for Better Neighborhoods
  • Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Public Schools and Project Impact

As the Trust supports efforts to expand access to formal early childhood education opportunities like Pre-K, we also think it is critical to raise awareness and support for the families and caregivers engaged in family, friend, and neighbor care. Given the Trust’s stated concern about advancing equity, our interest in FFN is particularly focused on supporting economically vulnerable families whose childcare options are limited.

Future Funding Opportunities

Because FFN efforts are new to North Carolina and to Forsyth County, and there is so much to learn, the Trust intends to focus on pilot efforts at this stage. As we learn together with grantees and community efforts about the successes and challenges of the pilot efforts, the Trust plans to work collaboratively with the community to build further support for FFN through innovation and scaling what’s working.

Eligibility Requirements

Before applying, consider the following questions and requirements:

  • Is your organization or work a good fit with the Trust?
  • Are you located or operating in North Carolina?
  • Does your work focus on improving quality of life and health for North Carolinians with low incomes?
  • Do you primarily support populations experiencing poverty?
    • These populations include: individuals living at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty level; the uninsured; and those eligible for Medicaid and/or the free/reduced school lunch program.
  • Are your clients (or focus population) residents of Forsyth County? If yes, then you may fit our geographic criteria.

Organizations the Trust WILL fund:

  • Nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations
  • Governmental entities

Organizations the Trust WILL NOT fund:

  • Individuals
  • Faith-based organizations without 501(c)(3)
  • Type III supporting organizations
  • Organizations providing pass-through funds to an ineligible organization

Eligible? Contact us to schedule a consultation.


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