HealthY Places Funding Opportunity

Decreasing Substance Misuse and Overdose Deaths - Closed

Burke, Edgecombe, and Nash Counties

Like many parts of the state, rural Healthy Places North Carolina communities are struggling to reduce rates of addiction to harmful substances and to decrease or eliminate overdose deaths. To assist stakeholders in Burke, Edgecombe, and Nash counties in developing a meaningful response to substance misuse, the Trust will support efforts aimed at collecting and analyzing data and building locally relevant plans to coordinate effective interventions.

Steps to Apply



Reduce rates of substance misuse and overdose deaths among the Medicaid and uninsured populations.


Support community-based research efforts that engage residents in the process to identify gaps and produce a community plan to reduce substance misuse rates.

Timeframe for Applications

The Trust is not currently accepting applications for this funding opportunity.

Geographic Focus

Burke, Edgecombe, and Nash counties

Next Steps

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In recent years, stakeholders in North Carolina have spent considerable time and energy crafting recommendations to confront the complex issues of behavioral health and substance use at the state level. A lack of treatment capacity, high uninsured rates in some sections of the population, and rising opioid overdose deaths prompted the creation of these plans.

Like many parts of the state, rural Healthy Places North Carolina communities are struggling to reduce rates of addiction to harmful substances and to decrease or eliminate overdose deaths.

Between 2005 and 2015 the number of opiate related deaths in Burke County increased by more than 158 percent. Community health needs assessments in Nash and Edgecombe counties prioritize mental health and substance abuse as two critical issues facing the community. Collaboratives in these counties aim to address addiction. This opportunity is for technical assistance partners to help Burke, Nash, and Edgecombe counties collect and analyze the data on substance misuse, create a plan for reducing substance use rates, and measure progress toward identified goals.

Our mission is to serve financially vulnerable residents and to close racial disparities in health care, so we are particularly interested in how communities are addressing the needs of Medicaid and uninsured patients.

Future Funding Opportunities

A community planning process will likely yield a mix of solutions for combatting substance misuse including system changes, prevention strategies, communications campaigns, and programming. Based on the results of planning and research, the Trust envisions opening future opportunities to support those solutions to reduce substance misuse in Burke, Edgecombe, and Nash counties.

We can best partner with communities in implementing system changes that alter the underlying conditions that drive growing substance use rates. In the future, the Trust may also support evidence-based programs and innovative ideas, but we will consider the scale and sustainability of such approaches. Strategies targeting individual behavior change must reach enough people and have an ongoing source of funding to make a difference. The Trust also will help underserved counties measure progress toward achieving common substance misuse goals.

Please check back for future funding opportunities in Healthy Places NC counties.

Eligibility Requirements

Before applying, consider the following questions and requirements:

  • Is your organization or work a good fit with the Trust?
  • Are you located or operating in North Carolina?
  • Does your work focus on improving quality of life and health for North Carolinians with low incomes?
  • Do you primarily support populations experiencing poverty?
    • These populations include: individuals living at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty level; the uninsured; and those eligible for Medicaid and/or the free/reduced school lunch program.
  • Are your clients (or focus population) residents of North Carolina? If yes, then you may fit our geographic criteria.

Organizations the Trust WILL fund:

  • Nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations
  • Governmental entities

Organizations the Trust WILL NOT fund:

  • Individuals
  • Faith-based organizations without 501(c)(3)
  • Type III supporting organizations
  • Organizations providing pass-through funds to an ineligible organization

Eligible? Contact us to schedule a consultation.


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