Susie Gordon

Administrative Assistant

At the Trust

As administrative assistant, I work with our entire team, develop and maintain all office systems, and support special projects and events.

My Proudest Accomplishment

I work to continuously improve our office systems and invest in solutions that increase operational efficiency. I also enjoy being a part of special projects, such as Healthy Places NC off-site events.

Before I Got Here

  • Sales Associate, Willis Wayside Furniture
  • Sales Representative, Edgar B. Furniture Catalog Company
  • Sales Representative and Showroom Manager, Sutton Reproductions

Education and Awards

  • Ferrum College

When the Day is Done

I serve on the Evangelism Committee, Women’s Bible Studies Committee, and Retreat Committee at my church. My husband Larry and I enjoy cycling, walking, and spending time with our family, friends, and cat Miss Kitty. At home, we have created a peaceful habitat for hummingbirds, a mama fox and her six pups, bluebirds, cardinals, and an occasional hawk.

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