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Grantee Reports

Grantees are welcome to submit reports electronically as email attachments OR by mail. Please note either method is acceptable. Report forms are typically available as a Word document or as a PDF. You may also re-create the forms in another word processing program. If you choose to use the PDF file, Adobe's Acrobat ReaderTM software will allow you to open and view the file.

Annual Report Forms:

Final Report Forms:


Integrated Care Grants:

Great Expectations:

Note that this is both the Annual as well as Final Report form

Progress Letters

If your program officer asks for a progress letter on your grant, it is typically some time during the first year. Simply write a letter. No particular format is required. Please include your organization’s name and grant identification number on your letter.
Provide an update on the grant including:
  • Progress in implementing the operational components of the grant.
  • Progress in developing any community/collaborative efforts of the grant.
  • Progress in refining the impact of the grant based upon activity to date.