We support equitable access to care.

We support solutions for improved health insurance coverage; affordable, convenient access to primary care, as well as mental health, substance use treatment, and oral care; and affordable access to medication.

We work for equitable health outcomes.

Providing access to medical care by itself will not change historic health inequities. That’s why we support meaningful progress to change the social determinants of health—the conditions outside the medical office, such as housing, transportation, and the built environment that impact health outcomes.

Special Initiative: Healthy Places NC

We invest in rural health solutions.

People living in urban North Carolina have longer life expectancies than people living in rural parts of the state. That’s why we’re investing up to half of our Health Improvement resources over 10 years in improving health and the overall quality of life in rural North Carolina.

Funding Opportunities

Decreasing Health Disparities: Consumer Education and Feedback

The shift to Medicaid managed care and new value-based care arrangements in the state could improve health outcomes for financially vulnerable residents or widen already steep racial and geographic disparities. To ensure that low-income families are not harmed as payment models change, the Trust will support efforts to educate and protect consumers and promote patient feedback and information sharing among stakeholders.