Our Approach to Grantmaking

We invest for impact.

As Forsyth County and North Carolina are changing, so is the Trust. We’re excited to announce our new outcome-focused approach to grantmaking to improve the quality of life and health of residents. Our efforts are still focused in our programs and special initiatives, but our priorities have changed.

We work to achieve strategic goals that support equitable access to opportunity and effect systems change. We use the following strategies to achieve our goals.

Supporting Promising and Proven Programs

We fund evidence-informed and evidence-based programs that provide interventions and services to assist individuals with low incomes or experiencing bias. These programs also must promote scale or sustainability long-term.

Activating Systems Change

We’re interested in grant applications that work to change the systems that have historically held people back. This work can be focused on changing organizations within or across the system, or supporting a shift in the way that a community makes decisions about policies, programs, and the allocation of its resources.

At the organizational level, systems change support might include:

  • Individual or organizational capacity building
  • Quality improvement or organizational effectiveness
  • Improved coordination and alignment within a body of work or across a system

At the community level, systems change support might include:

  • Advocacy and policy reform
  • Research and public education
  • Communications and community engagement
  • Improving the built environment where people live, work, and play

Promoting Innovation

We know some of the best ideas have yet to be tried. We support the development of fresh ideas and new ways to implement solutions or more disruptive systems change, including:

  • Piloting and testing new ideas to gather evidence on their effectiveness
  • Incubating and trying innovative strategies that while unproven, sow the seeds for change

Types of Strategic Grantmaking

All Trust grantmaking serves our guiding vision: thriving communities, thriving residents, equitable access to care, and equitable health outcomes.

Outcomes-Focused Grants

These are funding opportunities tied to specific goals and strategies and are the majority of funding.

Responsive Grants

Responsive grants enable us to be flexible and may serve emerging needs or lead to more outcomes-focused grantmaking.

Cycle for Funding Opportunities

We are excited to announce that we will be posting funding opportunities as they become available.