An archival photographic portrait of Trust founder Kate Bitting Reynolds, a white woman wearing a fur stole

In the Beginning

Kate Bitting Reynolds established the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust in 1947 to improve the quality of life and health of residents with low incomes throughout North Carolina. During her lifetime, she worked to ensure everyone—regardless of race, gender, or income—had access to health care, quality education, and economic opportunity. Few women of her day were as outspoken about the issues facing residents with low incomes.


A young Black child waters a crop row with a green watering can

Our Work Today

Today, the issues Mrs. Reynolds cared about remain urgent and interconnected as we work to support thriving communities and residents in Forsyth County and around the state.

Our Mission

We work to improve the health and quality of life of residents in Forsyth County and around North Carolina.


Our Vision

The mission Mrs. Reynolds set for us in 1947 informs our vision of success today:


Thriving Communities. Thriving Residents. Equitable Access to Health Care. Equitable Health Outcomes.