Issue Areas

Through the Poor and Needy Division, the Trust responds to basic life needs and invests in solutions that improve the quality of life for the financially needy residents of Forsyth County. The Poor and Needy Division seeks impact on these four issues:

Community Assets

Community assets are locally-owned resources that improve quality of life for all the community’s residents. Developing these resources is an important part of nurturing healthy and economically viable communities where individuals and families can thrive. We are interested in supporting locally-sparked ideas that use collaboration to build on these community strengths.

Community Assets: Efforts to develop assets will be locally-sparked and should include multiple stakeholders with aspects that may include: food access, land use, mixed-use housing, playgrounds/ open spaces, safety, and transportation. 


Education fosters learning and academic achievement. As a pathway to a successful life, education can help individuals develop assets, gain access to other opportunities, and participate in our local community. The community as a whole is needed to provide and encourage access to engaging and developmentally appropriate educational opportunities in Forsyth County.

Middle School Success: Efforts in middle school years to help students achieve academic success and to prepare them for high school graduation and beyond.

Post-secondary Completion: Programs and activities that enable individuals of all ages to seek post-secondary opportunities and that further support students already enrolled to successfully complete their courses of study. Post-secondary programs include community college, trade school, professional certification and licensure, apprenticeships, and four-year programs.

Health Care

Health care is the prevention, treatment, and management of illness and disease, and the preservation of mental and physical well-being. Our statewide experience working with agencies that maintain and promote physical and behavioral health indicates that increasing the availability and accessibility of quality health services for low-income residents of Forsyth County will enable individuals and families to better achieve personal, economic, and social well-being.

Behavioral Health: Programs and activities that provide prevention, treatment, and recovery support in the fields of mental health and substance abuse. This includes integration with primary medical care. 

Oral Health: Programs and activities that provide access to appropriate preventative and restorative dental health care. 

Safety Net

Safety net is a system of resources that provide individuals and families with services and assistance to meet basic needs and help them through crises. Past experience with local safety net providers indicates that helping families and individuals access additional resources, while taking the time and space to plan, allows them to respond actively to challenges that may be deeper than their immediate crisis.

Emergency Assistance: Priority will be given to proposals that provide assistance as a part of a coordinated community response and that are connected to a comprehensive system of services to prevent future crises.

Supportive Housing: Efforts to provide affordable housing for people who have experienced homelessness that are combined with flexible, comprehensive services such as job training, substance abuse programs, and case management. These services address the reasons for housing loss and help people to live more stable, productive lives.