Grantees Overview

Having impact—making a difference—is the most critical commitment we share with our grantee partners. The degree of impact is the measure by which the Trust makes its decisions, sets it strategy, chooses its partners, and serves the financially needy of North Carolina.

The Trust believes in the full circle of impact:
  • Impacting positively on individual recipients
  • Enhancing self-sustaining and robust organizations
  • Effecting needed change and adding value in the communities we serve
  • Contributing to the broader efforts to improve the human condition

We believe in investing in strategies, projects, organizations and communities that can demonstrate how their efforts create change or how their work contributes to the change they wish to see.

In November 2012, the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust announced grants of nearly $3 million to improve the quality-of-life of Forsyth County residents, with a focus on programs that support the critical early childhood years. The Trust also announced grants of more than $9.5 million to improve the overall health of North Carolinians, with an intense focus on rural, low-income communities.

This marked the kickoff of Great Expectations, a Trust initiative to ensure Forsyth County’s youngest children are prepared for success in school and life by the time they finish kindergarten. The Poor and Needy Division plans to invest approximately $30 million in low-income children, ages zero to five, in Forsyth County over the next 10 years. Great Expectations is about believing that all of Forsyth County’s children can succeed when given the right tools and support. While the Trust will continue to support organizations that focus on the Poor and Needy Division’s other key issue areas—Community Assets, Education, Health Care and Safety Net—the Trust will also focus on Forsyth County’s youngest residents, making investments with the goal of sustainable, long-term success for children and their families.

The Trust is also investing in Halifax, Beaufort, McDowell and Rockingham counties as part of its Healthy Places NC work, a long-term Trust initiative announced earlier this year to invest $100 million in 10 to 15 rural, low-income North Carolina counties over the next 10 years. In each county, Healthy Places work and projects will be driven by the community’s concerns, as well as by where the Trust thinks there’s an opportunity for sustainable, long-term change. Current work in these rural reas is not only a first step in the Healthy Places NC work to address obesity issues and active living options in these counties but also a huge win for communities that have been under-invested for decades.

Use the grantee section of this website to download materials including grantee reports, share your stories of impact and access information to help you promote the success of your programs. Visit other sections of this website for a complete list of recent grants and grantee-related news.

Photo courtesy of Halifax County Convention & Visitor's Bureau