What We Fund

If your organization is interested in partnering with the Trust, please ask yourself the following two questions to determine if your organization and/or work is a good fit with the Trust.

1. Is your organization located or operating in North Carolina?

2. Does your organization's work focus on improving low-income North Carolinians' quality of life and
    quality of health?


Organizations the Trust WILL fund:
    - Nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations
    - Governmental entities

Organizations the Trust WILL NOT fund:
    - Individuals
    - Faith-based organizations without 501(c)(3)
    - Type III supporting organizations
    - Organizations providing pass-through funds to an ineligible organization

Target Populations

1. Do your organization's activities primarily support or help “financially-disadvantaged” populations?

    The Trust's definitions of “financially-disadvantaged” include: individuals living at or below 200% of the federal poverty level; the uninsured; and those eligible for Medicaid and/or the free/reduced school lunch program.

2. Are your clients (or focus population) residents of North Carolina? If you can answer yes, then you may fit our geographic criteria:

    Both program areas engage in place-based grantmaking—the Local Impact in Forsyth County program area serves Forsyth County residents ONLY, and the Health Improvement in North Carolina program area supports programs and organizations serving residents in North Carolina.

Funding Opportunities

Currently, the Trust offers two funding opportunities:
    - Responsive—grants made in response to applications through the regular application cycles.
    - Proactive—initiatives developed by the Trust often funded through a Request for Proposal (RFP) process.


Our application deadlines have changed! The new timeline is outlined here, and further information is released prior to each grant cycle. Generally, we accept applications that propose Operating Programs, which usually introduce a new program or expand an existing program, or Capital Projects, which specifically request construction/renovation or equipment.

Grant Guidelines

Guidelines for grant lengths and amounts are available on our website for the Health Improvement in North Carolina and the Local Improvement in Forsyth County program areas. If you contact the Trust directly, our staff can speak with you specifically about your ideas.

Generally, funding guidelines are specified by each program area, and depend upon the application's classification as an operating program request or capital request. 

Types of Grants

Grant funds awarded by the Trust may support the following:
    - Capacity building (e.g. efforts to increase organizational and community effectiveness)
    - Direct services
    - Grassroots changes and systemic improvements
    - Program planning (e.g. development of specific operating programs)
    - Technical assistance (e.g. efforts to improve the capacity of grantees to achieve specific grant results)