Equitable Access to Care Funding Opportunity

Obesity Reduction in Robeson, Bladen, and Columbus Counties

Like many parts of the state, rural Healthy Places North Carolina communities are working to address high obesity rates and food insecurity. To help stakeholders in Robeson, Bladen, Columbus, and surrounding counties build a more equitable health system, the Trust will support efforts aimed at collecting and analyzing data and creating locally relevant plans to coordinate effective interventions.

Steps to Apply



Build a more equitable food system where residents with low incomes have ongoing access to healthy food options.


Conduct community-based evaluation, research, and planning that engages residents in the process to collect data, identify gaps, and determine best practices to address goals.

Build community, organizational, and individual capacity in areas with low incomes so that historically marginalized populations can participate in health improvement efforts.

Timeframe for Applications

Call-by date: January 26, 2021

Application deadline: February 16, 2021

Geographic Focus

Robeson, Bladen, Columbus, and surrounding counties

Next Steps

If you think you are a fit, assess your eligibility below and then contact us to apply. Or, view all funding opportunities here.


Organizations in Robeson, Bladen, Columbus, and surrounding counties are working to create more equitable food systems that provide greater opportunities for historically marginalized populations and healthier eating options in schools, daycare centers, and hospitals. These groups express an interest in understanding the problem, collecting relevant qualitative and quantitative data, and recommending approaches for building a better food system.

To help the community achieve these aims, the Trust is interested in proposals that map and analyze the food system in Robeson, Bladen, Columbus, and surrounding counties through an equity lens. Mapping may include examining information on networks, food value-chains, policies, land ownership and use, food desserts, food insecurity, or related issues. We can also support the capacity of organizations, especially those representing historically marginalized communities, to participate in the mapping process. Competitive applications will directly engage the communities that disproportionately suffer from a lack of healthy food options.

Eligibility Requirements

Before applying, consider the following questions and requirements:

  • Is your organization or work a good fit with the Trust?
  • Are you located or operating in North Carolina?
  • Does your work focus on improving quality of life and health for North Carolinians with low incomes?
  • Do you primarily support populations experiencing poverty?
    • These populations include: individuals living at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty level; the uninsured; and those eligible for Medicaid and/or the free/reduced school lunch program.

Organizations the Trust WILL fund:

  • Nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations
  • Governmental entities

Organizations the Trust WILL NOT fund:

  • Individuals
  • Faith-based organizations without 501(c)(3)
  • Type III supporting organizations
  • Organizations providing pass-through funds to an ineligible organization

Eligible? Contact us to schedule a consultation.


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