Engaging Community to Create a More Equitable Forsyth County Safety Net

A high functioning coordinated ecosystem of safety net services helps to increase the economic stability and mobility of families. Comprehensive and coordinated safety net services can help to reduce the impact of shocks and stresses that disproportionally affect people with low incomes. The Trust has long supported safety net organizations in Forsyth County to ensure people have access to critical needs such as food, clothing, and shelter. We have also heard from residents that continuing to strengthen the safety net in Forsyth County will require a greater focus on equity and community engagement. To help meet this need the Trust is interested in efforts to convene residents, grassroots organizations, and safety net providers to map and analyze gaps in the safety net system and to make recommendations for creating a more equitable and responsive set of services.

For detailed information about this funding opportunity: https://kbr.org/funding-opportunities/engaging-community-to-create-a-more-equitable-forsyth-county-safety-net/

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