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Examining the Impact of Community Health Produce Prescription Initiative

The research study provides an analysis of the Produce Prescription Program and its results. Utilizing the research tools from Partnerships to Improve Community Health Produce Prescription: Survey and Interview Tools, the study presents the resultant data and implications. A paired t test and univariate statistics were used to analyze data. As a result of the program, many participants experienced an increase in their local fruit and vegetable purchasing and consumption as well as in farmers’ market utilization. The study provides insight for others working with food systems, farmers’ markets, and produce prescription programs.

This report can be used by advocates to raise awareness about the importance of access to fresh produce and engage community members and stakeholders in discussions about the importance of healthy eating habits and the need for increased access to fresh produce in underserved communities. Additionally, it can be used to conduct further research on the impact of the Produce Prescription Initiative on participants’ health and well-being and to inform the development of similar programs in other communities.

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