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Examples of NC Food System Assessments

This website, compiled by Community Food Strategies, lists examples of food system assessments conducted in North Carolina. These assessments aim to understand the current food in a given county or region and identify areas for improvement and intervention. Food system assessments examine various aspects of the food system, including production, distribution, access, and consumption. They also analyze factors such as agricultural practices, local food economies, food security, and community engagement.

These referenced documents that can be found on the website below.

Upper Coastal Plain Council of Governments Healthy Food Assessment Mapping Project (2021)
Piedmont Regional Triad Council Food System Assessment (2020)
Beaufort County Community Food Assessment (2019)
Orange County’s Baseline Assessment (2016)
Pitt County’s Baseline Assessment (2016)
Charlotte Mecklenburg Baseline Assessment (2015)
Forsyth County’s Baseline Assessment (2013)”

The website can be used as a resource hub for individuals and organizations interested in assessing the food system in their area.