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Participatory Asset Mapping Toolkit

The Participatory Asset Mapping Toolkit is a resource developed by the Advancement Project by Healthy City to support Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) in their efforts to combine community knowledge with research and advocate for change. The toolbox provides various guides and toolkits on research concepts, methods, and tools, including Community Research, Participatory Asset Mapping, and CBPAR (Community Based Participatory Action Research). The CBPAR framework highlighted in the toolbox is specifically designed for community-based organizations that collaborate with community members to visualize and actualize research outcomes. The toolkit provides practical guides to help identify community strengths and gather knowledge from community members. It offers facilitation guides and planning materials for hosting mapping events. Additionally, the toolkit serves as a workbook for workshops on asset mapping and a resource guide for conducting research within the CBPAR framework. Overall, the Community Research Lab Toolbox is a comprehensive resource that equips CBOs with the necessary knowledge, methods, and tools to effectively integrate research into their advocacy and community engagement initiatives.