Devin Singleton

Communications Associate

At the Trust

I work with our communications director to support strategic communications and messaging by managing our social media, website, and digital communications. I also work to connect with grantees and amplify the voices of grassroots organizations and community residents.

My Proudest Accomplishment

Outside of joining this amazing team, the opportunity to write copy for Royalty Marketing—a competitive, minority-led digital agency—allowed me to be a part of a variety of high-level projects. Experiencing success amongst a creative, diverse, and experienced group that early in my career is something I’m certainly proud of.

Before I Got Here

  • Director of Marketing, Kagan’s HOME
  • Marketing Assistant, Royalty Marketing

Education and Awards

  • B.A. Communication Studies, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

When the Day is Done

I love to hammock with family and I embrace any opportunity to be creative. I enjoy music and sharing music among fellow artists. I’m regularly a homebody but traveling and trying new food is an essential experience for me.

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