Recent Grants

Oct 21 2014

Operating funds to support and strengthen a recently initiated representative payee program that serves financially disadvantaged residents of Forsyth County.

Jul 16 2015

Capital funds to purchase new technology for website development, staff training and improved operating efficiency.

Oct 22 2013

Operating funds to conduct education, enrollment and access to health insurance targeting low- income and uninsured individuals in a 17-county area in Western North Carolina.

Sep 23 2014

Operating funds to conduct Affordable Care Act (ACA) outreach and enrollment activities targeting low-income and uninsured individuals in an 11-county area in rural western North Carolina.

Jul 16 2015

Capital funds to purchase database management consulting services and related technology.

Oct 13 2011

Operating funds for direct program cost to respond to emergency needs of people in financial crisis.

Sep 23 2015

Funds on behalf of George Banks' service to the Poor and Needy Division Advisory Council for assistance for financially needy clients.

Apr 26 2016

Operating support to fund two (2) new programs (Parent Resource Center and Poverty Simulation/Awareness) that serve financially disadvantaged families and children in Forsyth County.

Jun 4 2014

Operating funds to provide student aid to the neediest of students who have a demonstrated unmet need for financial assistance to afford and attend college.

Apr 21 2015

Operating funds to support your Last Dollar Grant program, ACT/SAT prep for students and staff capacity for increased financial aid counseling.