Recent Grants

Sep 28 2016

Funds on behalf of Jeffrey Scott's service to the Health Care Division Advisory Council to support methods for growing fresh food for low-income youth

Nov 1 2012

Operating funds for years four - six of the Nurse Family Partnership program.

Jun 10 2011

Operating funds to partially support three positions to provide substance abuse services and to lead a community wide planning effort targeting low income individuals in Burke County.

Nov 2 2017

Capital funds to enhance opportunities for physical activity at one low-income middle school and 13 low-income elementary schools throughout Burke County.

Sep 22 2015

Operating funds to conduct an assessment of the behavioral health landscape in McDowell and Burke County Public Schools.

Oct 20 2015

Capital funds to purchase cafeteria equipment to cook healthy school meals in an effort to increase access and consumption of nutritious foods in Burke County Public Schools (BCPS).

Oct 23 2013

Operating funds on behalf of Bill Pully's service to the Health Care Division Advisory Council for the benefit of exploration of the development of a law school program in Healthcare to serve financially needy.

May 10 2012

Capital funds for the start-up of the Campbell University Osteopathic School of Medicine.

May 10 2012

Operating funds to support medication and financial assistance for the financially needy cancer patients in Forsyth County.

Sep 28 2016

Funds on behalf of Ramon Velez's service to the Presidential Search Committee for the financially needy