Recent Grants

Jul 16 2015

Capital funds to purchase a new server and additional computers for enhanced financial aid and student counseling services.

May 10 2012

Operating funds to support their last dollar grants for needy students in public schools in Forsyth County.

Sep 23 2015

Funds on behalf of Robin Jenkins' service to the Health Care Division Advisory Council to assist in renovating facilities to support housing, treatment, & care support for homeless women and women w/children.

Oct 22 2013

Capital funds to transform five school playgrounds into natural outdoor learning spaces that encourage physical activity in Rocky Mount and rural Edgecombe County.

Oct 22 2013

Operating funds to increase access to places for physical activity for low-income residents of Edgecombe and Nash Counties.

Sep 23 2014

Operating funds to increase understanding, enrollment and use of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) amongst low-income residents of Granville, Franklin, Person, Vance and Warren counties along with establishment of the LATCH access program.

Apr 21 2015

Operating funds for Phase II evaluation of Healthy Places NC.

Oct 20 2015

Operating funds to prevent the conversion of Gestational Diabetes to Type II Diabetes in pregnant and post-partum women in Halifax, Northampton, Vance, and Warren counties.

Oct 22 2013

Operating funds to engage frequent Emergency Department patients in a primary care medical home and provide intensive case management in Hertford County.

Sep 22 2015

Operating funds to develop a comprehensive care management/coordination and transitional care program for low-income individuals diagnosed with both diabetes and severe mental health illness in Beaufort County (Healthy Places NC).