Reconnecting Youth to Economic and Educational Opportunities

The Trust is working in Forsyth County to foster an inclusive economy and ensure every resident has the opportunity to thrive. This funding opportunity advances economic equity and support for Forsyth County youth ages 16 – 24, who have been disconnected from school and work, by increasing the number of youth who move into living-wage jobs. Research indicates that about 14 percent of the county’s youth are considered “disconnected.” We know that these youth—particularly youth of color—are impacted by systemic barriers and institutional racism—and need our active support to secure living wage jobs and find the path to economic and educational success. It will take organizations, adults, and youth in our community to listen, learn and develop inclusive solutions together, putting ideas into action for a more equitable future. This funding opportunity is designed to engage community groups and residents, especially organizations working with justice involved youth, to begin the process of finding solutions and developing an action plan.

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