We partner to prompt change.

Since 2012, Beaufort County and Healthy Places NC have been working together on health issues, such as improving healthy eating and active living, as well as increasing access to health care—with a focus on behavioral health and addiction services.

Community Approaches

We support the community in their efforts to achieve the following goals:

Obesity reduction.

Local partners are working to increase healthy eating and active living incomes by:

  • Expanding healthy food access with a focus on people with low incomes and communities of color.
  • Enhancing parks in underserved neighborhoods to further promote active living options.
  • Assisting local coalitions to increase equitable access to healthy foods and create opportunities for physical activity.
  • Supporting the hiring of a recreation coordinator based in an underserved area to promote active-living efforts.

Substance misuse.

Local partners are working to reduce rates of substance misuse and overdose deaths by:

  • Assisting community coalitions’ efforts to map assets and design strategies.
  • Supporting evidence-informed and evidence-based approaches to prevent substance misuse among vulnerable populations.

Funding Opportunities

Obesity Reduction in Beaufort County
Like many parts of the state, rural Healthy Places NC communities are working to address high obesity rates and food insecurity. To assist stakeholders in Beaufort in building a more equitable food system, the Trust will support efforts aimed at implementing local action plans.

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