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Since 2014, Burke County and Healthy Places NC have been working together on health issues, such as high rates of chronic disease, substance misuse, mental health needs, and lack of access to health care. Through Healthy Places NC, Burke County residents have identified access to care, obesity reduction, and substance misuse as three key issues to address moving forward.

Community Approaches

Obesity reduction.

In Burke County, local individuals and organizations work to increase healthy eating and active living in communities with low incomes by:

Enhancing opportunities for physical activity at one middle school and 13 elementary schools in areas with low incomes.

Expanding and strengthening Fresh Bucks and SNAP/EBT use at farmers markets in Tier 1 counties to combat obesity and lack of access to fresh fruits and vegetables.

Renovating and enhancing local recreation spaces to increase equitable opportunities for year-round physical activity for residents with low incomes.

Supplying cafeteria equipment to cook healthy school meals to increase access and consumption of nutritious foods in Burke County Public Schools.

Piloting the Growing Minds Farm to School Program to increase access and education to healthy foods at five elementary schools.

Reduce rates of substance misuse and overdose deaths.

Burke County aims to reduce rates of substance misuse and overdose deaths by:

Supporting community-based research that engages residents in the process to collect data, identify gaps, and determine best practices to reduce substance misuse rates.

Supporting evidence-informed and evidence-based approaches to prevent substance misuse among vulnerable populations.

Expanding a multi-agency collaborative, Burke Integrated Health (BIH), to implement a population/behavioral health project addressing prevention, treatment, and social determinants of health.

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