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Since 2015, the Twin Counties and Healthy Places NC have targeted key health issues including obesity, substance misuse, lack of access to behavioral health services, and childhood trauma. Poor health outcomes are also impacted by profound poverty throughout the community. Many of these areas are also vulnerable to natural disasters. Through Healthy Places NC, Twin County residents have identified adverse childhood experiences, obesity reduction, and substance misuse as three key issues to address.

Community Approaches

Obesity reduction.

In the Twin Counties, local individuals and organizations work to increase healthy eating in communities with low incomes by:

Assisting community collaboratives’ work to analyze the food system and develop an action plan to address equitable access to healthy food.

Implementing a farm-to-child care model in 15 centers that predominantly serve families with low incomes to increase the amount of healthy, local food served at these sites.

Adverse childhood experiences.

Twin County residents address childhood trauma for children from neighborhoods with low incomes by:

Supporting community-based research and education efforts that engage residents in the process to better understand and build awareness of adverse childhood experiences.

Providing evidence-based resilience education to key audiences engaged with communities with low incomes that are impacted by trauma and adverse childhood experiences.

Implementing resilience teams in the Twin Counties school districts to promote trauma-sensitive schools.

Substance misuse.

The Twin Counties aim to reduce rates of substance misuse and overdose deaths by:

Supporting systems change approaches from the community planning process, which may include addressing organizational capacity within health systems, coordination within and across systems, community education and engagement, and advocacy.

Collecting and analyzing data and measuring progress to address substance misuse.

Expanding behavioral health care to people with low incomes in Federally Qualified Health Center sites.

Supporting a behavioral health organization embedded in under-resourced communities.

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