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Since 2015, the Twin Counties and Healthy Places NC have targeted key health issues including obesity, substance misuse, lack of access to behavioral health services, and childhood trauma. Poor health outcomes are also impacted by profound poverty throughout the community. Many of these areas are also vulnerable to natural disasters. Through Healthy Places NC, Twin County residents have identified adverse childhood experiences, obesity reduction, and substance misuse as three key issues to address.

Strategic Goals

Increase access to mental health and community support services.

We are working with the county to address childhood trauma for children from low-income neighborhoods by supporting community-based research and education efforts, increasing the capacity of schools to use trauma-informed approaches, increasing access to mental health services in the school systems, and supporting programs focused on the whole family to prevent and address Adverse Childhood Experiences.

Reduce rates of obesity.

We are partnering with residents to promote healthy eating and active living by increasing access to healthy foods and recreational and exercise opportunities in areas of the county with few to no options to shop for healthy foods or to play and be active.

Reduce rates of substance misuse and overdose deaths.

Like many rural counties, Nash and Edgecombe counties are facing the effects of the opioid crisis. We are working to tackle substance misuse and addiction in the county and across the state.

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