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Since 2013, Rockingham County and Healthy Places NC have targeted key health issues including low levels of physical activity, lack of access to healthy foods, diabetes, opioid abuse, and access to behavioral health care services. Through Healthy Places NC, Rockingham County residents have identified substance misuse and obesity reduction as two key issues to address.

Community Approaches

Obesity reduction.

In Rockingham County, local individuals and organizations work to increase healthy eating and active living in communities with low incomes by:

Expanding programs to promote countywide wellness through the coordination of free community healthy eating and active living opportunities.

Supporting an enhanced mobile food pantry to travel throughout Rockingham and serve as an entry point to refer families with low incomes to relevant resources.

Completing a community center that will provide equitable recreational and educational healthy eating and active living opportunities for K-12 students.

Implementing a whole child, whole school and whole community approach to improving physical activity amongst students and their families.

Substance misuse.

Rockingham County residents aim to reduce rates of substance misuse and overdose deaths by:

Supporting community-based research that engages residents in the process to collect data, identify gaps, and determine best practices to reduce substance misuse rates.

Supporting systems change approaches from the community planning process, which may include addressing organizational capacity within health systems, coordination within and across systems, community education and engagement, and advocacy.

Supporting evidence-informed and evidence-based approaches to prevent substance misuse among vulnerable populations.

Strengthening the alignment, coordination, and communication of medical, behavioral health, medical transportation and community resources.

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