Our Updated Strategic Vision and New Program Area Names

The Trust is excited to release our new Strategic Vision. As we look back at the past 70 years in celebration and look ahead toward the challenges we still must address, we felt it was time to underscore why we do this work and the change we support. The Trust’s updated Strategic Vision also unveils new names for our Divisions. Our work will now fall under two program areas: Local Impact in Forsyth County and Health Improvement in North Carolina. While our focus on Forsyth County and health care statewide will not change, the way we talk about this work and frame our intentions is evolving to better support the changes we want to see in community and our ability to be the change we want to see.

Seventy years after Mrs. Reynolds established the Trust to continue her life’s work, we are more committed than ever to ensuring we improve the health and quality of life for North Carolinians in a way that can be measured and felt for years to come. Download the new Strategic Vision and related infographic to learn more about what we believe, how we are working with communities, and the work that lies ahead.

Strategic Vision – This overview explains in detail our strategic plan going forward.

Infographic – The Trust’s Strategic Vision in a graphic. This is best printed in 11×17 format.