Trust Updates and Actions During COVID-19

Dear Trust partners and grantees,

Like many of you, the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust has been closely monitoring the COVID-19 trajectory in our state and around the world. As North Carolina and the nation have declared a state of emergency, each of us has been impacted. These are new and different times for all of us, and we want to update you on what this means for the Trust and your work with us.

Meeting with the Trust in the Coming Weeks

Following the advice of public health officials, Trust staff have begun working virtually and practicing “social distancing” as we all try to slow the spread of the virus. Beginning today, all in-person meetings, including advance consultations about potential grant funding, will move to phone calls or online video calls. Trust staff will also not be traveling. We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and adjust these guidelines as needed.

If you have an upcoming meeting scheduled with the Trust, we will work with you to reschedule or shift to a virtual meeting.

Supporting Our State and Vulnerable Residents

As a health care funder, we recognize the unique position the Trust is in to be flexible and innovative as we work to support communities and residents in Forsyth County and across North Carolina during the COVID-19 crisis. We also know that our most vulnerable residents and those living in marginalized communities are less likely to have access to quality health care and more likely to suffer long-term consequences such as loss of health or income from a widespread health crisis.

We are in conversations with state health officials, health care institutions, community members, and other funders about how philanthropy might best respond to COVID-19, with a keen eye on supporting those vulnerable communities and residents. Locally, we are working with funders to ensure we can address basic needs right here in Forsyth County.

The Trust will be sharing more information via email and on our website about any additional supports and new funding opportunities related to COVID-19 in the coming weeks.

Moving Forward

The Trust team will continue to be available by phone and email. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.

Finally, thank you to all of you for your efforts to support communities and respond to needs as we address this health crisis. Our thoughts are with those being impacted by COVID-19 near and far, and we send our heartfelt appreciation to the health care workers, community leaders and organizations, and essential workers who are providing critical services and helping residents during this difficult time.

Be well in the coming weeks and months.


Dr. Laura Gerald, MD, MPH

President, Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust