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Curbow Childcare Worker Job Stress Inventory

The stress inventory assessment analyzes the number of stress factors in a teacher’s lives and the amount of control and input they hold on factors contributing to their stress. The assessment provides a useful check-in tool to analyze the climate of school stress, and to understand the needs of teachers. In conjunction with other assessment tools, the Curbow Childcare Worker Job Stress Inventory could provide baseline data, wellbeing data, and evaluation results surrounding school climate and support of teachers and school staff.

The assessment is limited in the scope of the questions but could provide a starting point in analyzing the wellbeing of school staff.  The data collected can help identify areas of stress experienced by childcare workers and mitigate them for workers’ well-being and the quality of care provided in childcare settings. In addition, it helps to advocate efforts to improve working conditions and support for childcare workers.

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