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Category: School

North Carolina’s School Report Cards

Author: North Carolina Department of Public Instruction
Tool Type: Dashboard
Existing Data Source

This dashboard contains school characteristics and performance data at the state, county, district, and school levels. The variables include school discipline, drop-out trend, school enrollment trend, school performance (3rd-grade reading level and high school graduation rate, etc). Most of the variables are disaggregated by sex, race/ethnicity, and economic disadvantage. Furthermore, users can compare the school’s performance with another within the same geographic area.

Log Into North Carolina

Author: North Carolina Office of State Budget and Management
Tool Type: Dashboard
Existing Data Source

This dashboard is a user-friendly interactive data retrieval service containing historical information on topics including population, labor force, education, transportation, revenue, agriculture, vital statistics and health, environment and recreation, energy and utilities, and other topics. Each topic category provides comprehensive variables. For example, the vital statistics and health category has detailed data on births, deaths, pregnancies, marriages, divorces, nursing facility beds, beds in general hospitals, persons served in program facilities (NC alcohol and drug treatment centers, mental health development centers), and more. Most data are available at both the county and state levels, and registered users have access to full datasets.

E(RACE)ing Inequities

Author: Center for Racial Equity in Education
Tool Type: Reports
Sample Resource

The report reveals the historical education disadvantages among students of color in North Carolina public schools and the indicators that cause the population less likely to succeed in school and professional development. It provides vital information and context surrounding inequitable structures and patterns within the public education system for school leaders and policymakers moving forward to address racial inequity and build a more equitable school system for the educational success of all students in North Carolina public schools.

School Climate Walk, Revised

Author: Originally from Baltimore Public Schools
Tool Type: Assessment
Data Collection Tool

This observational assessment tool on schools’ culture and climate was modified from Baltimore City Public Schools School Climate project. This tool would be helpful as a starting point in measuring school climate and collecting baseline data to inform capacity building in schools.

Panorama School Climate Survey: Students Grades 6–12

Author: Panorama Education
Tool Type: Questionnaire / Survey
Data Collection Tool

This is a survey tool to collect grade 6–12 students’ perspectives on how supportive their peers and teachers are with self-assessment on their relationships and attitudes toward others in school.

Kids Count Data Center

Author: The Annie E. Casey Foundation
Tool Type: Dashboard
Existing Data Source

This tool reflects data of various indicators related to child well-being, such as education, safety and risky behaviors, family structure and income, poverty, housing, and community environment. The data is at the city, county, school district, and state levels. It is updated annually, and when applicable, the data are stratified by race and ethnicity, age, and family nativity.

Curbow Childcare Worker Job Stress Inventory

Author: Curbow Barbara, Spratt Kai, Ungaretti Antoinette, McDonnell Karen, Breckler Steven
Tool Type: Assessment, Questionnaire / Survey
Data Collection Tool

This inventory serves as a useful check-in tool on wellbeing and the working environment toward childcare workers. Each question in the assessment tool is scaled from 0 (Rarely/Never) to 4 (Most of the time/Always) in three areas: Job Demand, Job Resources, and Job Control.

Panorama School Climate Survey: Grades 3–5

Author: Panorama Education
Tool Type: Questionnaire / Survey
Data Collection Tool

This survey tool can be used to collect students’ perspectives on how supportive their peers and teachers are with self-assessment on their own attitudes and relationships toward others in the school.