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Log Into North Carolina

The Log Into North Carolina (LINC) is a user-friendly interactive data retrieval service containing historical information on topics including population and housing, labor force, education, transportation, revenue, agriculture, vital statistics and health, environmental and recreation, energy and utilities, and other topics. Each topic category provides comprehensive variables. For example, the vital statistics and health category has detailed data on births, deaths, pregnancies, marriages, divorces, nursing facility beds, beds in general hospitals, persons served in program facilities (NC alcohol and drug treatment centers, mental health development centers) and more. In terms of population and housing category, variables include population, age, race, sex, migration, urban/rural, housing units, tenure, household characteristics, and more. As for the education category, available variables are enrollment, attendance, drop out, educational attainment, faculty, SAT scores, public school expenditure, etc. Lastly, the agriculture category includes detailed information on number of farms, crop and livestock production, farm financial characteristics, and more. Most data are available at both the county and state level, and registered users have the access to the full datasets.

This tool gives users a better understanding of a variety of public health issues and can be used to make comparisons between counties and states.