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Category: Immigrants

Log Into North Carolina

Author: North Carolina Office of State Budget and Management
Tool Type: Dashboard
Existing Data Source

This dashboard is a user-friendly interactive data retrieval service containing historical information on topics including population, labor force, education, transportation, revenue, agriculture, vital statistics and health, environment and recreation, energy and utilities, and other topics. Each topic category provides comprehensive variables. For example, the vital statistics and health category has detailed data on births, deaths, pregnancies, marriages, divorces, nursing facility beds, beds in general hospitals, persons served in program facilities (NC alcohol and drug treatment centers, mental health development centers), and more. Most data are available at both the county and state levels, and registered users have access to full datasets.

American Community Survey

Author: U.S. Census Bureau
Tool Type: Dashboard, National Data Source
Existing Data Source

The American Community Survey (ACS) is a nationwide survey program conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau. ACS offers one-year and five-year estimates, as well as demographic characteristics for states and localities. The ACS estimates are often used to track shifting demographics, learn about the local communities, and establish priorities for allocating funding and resources effectively for research and advocacy work.

The Roadmap for Racial Equity: An Imperative for Workforce Development Advocates

Author: National Skills Coalition
Tool Type: Reports
Sample Resource

The Roadmap for Racial Equity recognizes the historical disparities in employment and income as well as the challenges faced by people of color with deep generational roots and immigrants in the United States. Moreover, the report illustrates how existing workforce development policies intentionally create systemic barriers to people of color and recommends policy solutions / interventions for both state and federal levels with specific actions to take to build an equitable employment system and diverse racial workforce in the U.S.

Healthy Communities NC Dashboard

Author: Cape Fear Collective
Tool Type: Dashboard
Existing Data Source

The interactive Healthy Communities NC Data Dashboard brings together and visualizes indicator data related to the Healthy NC 2030 goals. Data are displayed at the county and census-tract levels, as well as by region (mountains, sandhills, Triangle, Charlotte-metro, etc.) and show relative rankings to compare one county to others across the state. Using this tool, you can see an overview of your county’s status and challenges, and compare them with other counties / communities in the state.