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Partnerships to Improve Community Health Produce Prescription: Survey and Interview Tools

Author: Partnerships to Improve Community Health (PICH) Produce Prescription: Survey and Interview Tools
Tool Type: Focus Group / Interview Questions, Questionnaire / Survey
Data Collection Tool

This evaluation includes four different tools: a produce intake questionnaire, a follow-up guide to interviewing, a Market Manager Interview Guide, and a Nutrition Provider Interview Guide. Questions asked in these tools center around the Produce Prescription Program (PRx) and are useful to deepen the understanding of produce consumption, purchasing habits, farmers’ market utilization, and perspectives on food vouchers in the low-resourced neighborhoods, strengthen the program, and foster the healthier eating habits in the community.

Food System Racial Equity Assessment Tool: A Facilitation Guide

Author: Lexa Dundore, University of Wisconsion-Extension
Tool Type: Guides
Data Collection Tool

This guide provides a practical step-by-step guide for group discussion on building a food system with racial equity, social justice, and sustainability. Recommended questions are listed and categorized by People, Place, Process, and Power for thoughtful discussion, which further helps key stakeholders identify gaps and issues that need to be addressed and move forward to inclusive programming and policymaking programs/policies.

Examining the Impact of Community Health Produce Prescription Initiative

Author: Partnerships to Improve Community Health
Tool Type: Reports
Sample Resource

This research study shows that the produce prescription program positively impacts the local fruit and vegetable purchasing and consumption among low-resourced neighborhoods in Northeastern North Carolina.

Kids Count Data Center

Author: The Annie E. Casey Foundation
Tool Type: Dashboard
Existing Data Source

This tool reflects data of various indicators related to child well-being, such as education, safety and risky behaviors, family structure and income, poverty, housing, and community environment. The data is at the city, county, school district, and state levels. It is updated annually, and when applicable, the data are stratified by race and ethnicity, age, and family nativity.

The NC Investment Map

Author: Multiple NC Organizations
Tool Type: Dashboard, State Data Source
Existing Data Source

This tool provides resources for individuals and organizations interested in supporting affordable housing and sustainable local food systems in North Carolina. The data are based on statewide statistics, and when applicable, they can be accessed at the county level. The website also features dashboards and maps.

Farmer Interview Questionnaire

Author: Partnerships to Improve Community Health (PICH)
Tool Type: Focus Group / Interview Questions, Questionnaire / Survey
Data Collection Tool

The Farmer Interview Questionnaire serves as a guide for interviewing farmers. It provides a high-level overview of individual farmers’ practices and insight into the local food system, which could help prioritize areas for a local food system and agriculture. The Farmer Interview Questionnaire includes both closed-ended and open-ended questions about farmers’ products, practices, access to markets, and interest in and barriers to various opportunities. This questionnaire could be administered in person, over the phone, or online and used as part of a food systems needs and assets assessment.

Healthy Communities NC Dashboard

Author: Cape Fear Collective
Tool Type: Dashboard
Existing Data Source

The interactive Healthy Communities NC Data Dashboard brings together and visualizes indicator data related to the Healthy NC 2030 goals. Data are displayed at the county and census-tract levels, as well as by region (mountains, sandhills, Triangle, Charlotte-metro, etc.) and show relative rankings to compare one county to others across the state. Using this tool, you can see an overview of your county’s status and challenges, and compare them with other counties / communities in the state.